Active Synchronous Control Strategy of Distributed Power Grid Connection Based on Mobile Network

Liu Zhang, Shaohua Ma, Yangyang Ge, Cailian Gu, Hao Wang, Xiaoxian Yang
2021 Mobile Information Systems  
This paper presents an active synchronous control scheme for distributed power grid connection based on the mobile network. This scheme avoids the disadvantages of the traditional control method, such as long waiting time and low reliability, and can meet the requirements of "the hotplug online" distributed power grid connection. The scheme uses the mobile network to collect and detect voltage slip information between the distributed power system and large power grid before operation. When the
more » ... peration. When the voltage slip cannot meet the requirements of grid connection, the side voltage information of the distributed power system is actively regulated. The amplitude difference and phase difference signals are, respectively, adjusted by PI, and the generated adjustment signals are, respectively, sent to the corresponding controllers through the mobile network with different weight coefficients. After the receiver receives the regulated signal, it changes the amplitude and frequency of its output voltage by shifting the pendent characteristic curve, so as to realize the distributed power system side voltage and the large power grid side voltage eventually. Finally, simulation analysis and experiments are used to verify the effectiveness and practicability of the active synchronous control strategy.
doi:10.1155/2021/6683415 fatcat:sf4vawcnsff53ju6i5nxetoj4e