A 2D Multiphase Model of Drop Behavior during Electroslag Remelting

Jérémy Chaulet, Abdellah Kharicha, Sylvain Charmond, Bernard Dussoubs, Stéphane Hans, Menghuai Wu, Andreas Ludwig, Alain Jardy
2020 Metals  
Electroslag remelting is a process extensively used to produce metallic ingots with high quality standards. During the remelting operation, liquid metal droplets fall from the electrode through the liquid slag before entering the liquid pool of the secondary ingot. To better understand the process and help to optimize the operating condition choice, a 2D axisymmetric multiphase model of the slag domain has been developed using a two fluid Eulerian approach. During their fall, droplets
more » ... droplets hydrodynamic interactions are calculated thanks to an appropriate drag law. Influence of droplets on the electromagnetic field and on the slag hydrodynamics is discussed, as well as their heat exchange with the slag. Even with a small volume fraction, the droplets influence is noticeable. The present investigation shows that small droplets have a large influence on the slag hydrodynamics, due to a great momentum exchange. However heat transfer is more influenced by large drops, which are found to be relatively far from the thermal equilibrium with the slag phase.
doi:10.3390/met10040490 fatcat:mqqoktwtrfci7a2tqxsbnw26uu