A Biographical Sketch of Horatio Thomson, M.D

G. A. Oviatt
1860 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
public ' watering place,' while he did once." On examination, I found the mouth of the urethra covered by a membrane, leaving only a very small orifice at the lower part, not larger than the point of a pin. According to custom, and by means of a small probe, introdmed as a director, I divided the membrane freely, producing a full and free passage for the urine, much to the relief and gratification of the patient. I was somewhat surprised, about a month subsequently, to receive a visit from my
more » ... e a visit from my patient, and to learn that the orifice made by my knife had nearly closed, and that the passage of the urine was nearly as slow and tedious as before. I resorted to the knife again ; and in order to secure the patulency of the urethra, and prevent the reproduction of the membrane, I applied the nitrate of silver, in stick, freely to the raw surface. Six weeks afterwards, my patient presented himself again, with precisely the same difficulty, and was relieved for about the same length of time by the operation of the knife. This has now been repeated, at about the same intervals, for at least three years ; the membrane is reproduced, although cut out sometimes, and caustic applied in addition. In one respect, the disease is not a very serious or dangerous one, as relief is promptly afforded by the knife; yet it is a great annoyance, keeps the patient in perpetual anxiety, and might be dangerous were he not within reach of surgical assistance.
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