Changes of serum miR-21 level in animal model and patients with chemotherapy-induced premature ovarian failure

Xia-fei FU, Yuan-li HE, Xue-feng WANG, Xiao-ying CHEN, Xin-ran LI, Qing WANG
2016 Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army  
Objective To investigate the correlation between miR-21 and chemotherapy-induced premature ovarian failure (CIPOF) by measuring the serum miR-21 level in animal models and patients. Methods CIPOF animal model was established by intraperitoneal injection of cyclophosphamide. Caudal vein blood samples were collected at the first and the 15th day after the models established. Serum miR-21 level was detected by QT-PCR. The correlations between miR-21 level with estradiol (E2) level,
more » ... el, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) level and ovary structure were analyzed. From Jan. 2014 to Jun. 2015, 30 patients with CIPOF and 30 normal women of child-bearing age were enrolled in the study. Serum miR-21 levels of all cases were detected and the correlations between serum miR-21 levels and other laboratory indexes [luteinizing hormone (LH), E2, FSH and prolactin (PRL)] were analyzed. Results Compared to control group, the serum miR-21 levels in CIPOF animal models and patients were obviously lower with statistical significances (t=15.467, P=0.000; t=10.197, P=0.000). Positive correlations existed in animal models between miR-21 and E2, primordial, primary, secondary and antrum follicle numbers (r=0.750, P=0.000; r=0.403, P=0.006; r=0.704, P=0.000; r=0.783, P=0.000; r=0.849, P=0.000, respectively), and a negative correlation existed between miR-21 and FSH (r=–0.801, P=0.000). A positive correlation existed in patients between miR-21 and E2 (r=0.817, P=0.000), and negative correlations existed between miR-21 and FSH (r=–0.771, P=0.000) and miR-21 and LH (r=–0.784, P=0.000). No correlation existed between miR21 and PRL (r=0.204, P=0.207). Conclusion The evident decrease of serum miR-21 level in CIPOF animal models and patients suggests that miR-21 may play an important role in the process of CIPOF, and the miR-21 may be a potential prevention and therapeutic option for CIPOF. DOI: 10.11855/j.issn.0577-7402.2016.11.07
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