Neutrino Non-Standard Interaction Studies With Coherent At The Spallation Neutron Source

2018 Zenodo  
The COHERENT collaboration's primary objective is to measure coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering (CEvNS) using the unique, high-quality source of tens-of-MeV neutrinos produced as a by-product during normal operation of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). COHERENT made the first measurement of CEvNS using a CsI[Na] detector in 2017. Additional measurements are ongoing and planned using multiple detector materials and technologies. COHERENT's
more » ... ies. COHERENT's "first light" measurement provided the current best constraints on parameters describing non-standard interactions (NSI) of neutrinos with quarks. This poster will describe the current constraints on NSI and the future sensitivity of COHERENT's suite of detectors in "Neutrino Alley".
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1301106 fatcat:s2hss3bnnjbn7nvozckhxc4y4y