In-Plane Vibration Response of the Periodic Viaduct on Saturated Soil under Rayleigh Surface Wave

Hai-yan Ju, Ming-fu Fu
2015 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
In this study, the in-plane vibration response of the periodic viaduct on saturated soil under Rayleigh surface wave is studied. The Floquet transform method is used to decompose Rayleigh surface wave into a set of spatial harmonic waves. Considering the periodic condition of the viaduct, the wave number domain dynamic response of the periodic viaduct on saturated soil subjected to Rayleigh surface wave excitation is obtained by the transfer matrix method. Then the space domain dynamic response
more » ... in dynamic response is retrieved by means of the inverse Floquet transform. Numerical results show that when the periodic viaduct is undergoing in-plane vibration, there exist three kinds of characteristic waves corresponding to axial compression, transverse shear, and bending vibration. Furthermore, when the frequency of Rayleigh wave is within the pass band of the periodic viaduct, the disturbance propagates over a very long distance and the attenuation of the wave motion far from the source is determined by the characteristic wave with the smallest attenuation, while the vibration attenuates rapidly and propagates in a short distance when the frequency of excitation source is in the range of band gap of periodic structure.
doi:10.1155/2015/835460 fatcat:wdssiqk3e5d3vgdrd6y6zrnjoe