Catch and release with DNA by imidazolium-presenting iron oxide nanoparticles via anion exchange

Kazuo Tanaka, Asako Narita, Yoshiki Chujo
2013 Composite interfaces (Print)  
We present the catch and release technique with DNA using imidazolium-presenting nanoparticles via anion exchange. The imidazolium-tethered superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) was prepared, and the binding behavior to DNA was investigated. Accordingly, when the imidazolium cation forms an ion pair with the hydrophilic anion such as chloride, DNA can be absorbed onto the modified SPIO. In contrast, by anion exchange to hydrophobic anion such as TFSA -, the binding affinity greatly decreased,
more » ... atly decreased, resulting in the release of DNA. Moreover, the release efficiency can be improved by introducing a silica layer at the surface of SPIOs. Finally, the catch and release with DNA was accomplished under mild conditions. of the releasing ability by using the silica-coated core/shell-type SPIOs. Finally, we accomplished to demonstrate the extraction of DNA under mild conditions.
doi:10.1080/15685543.2013.762891 fatcat:s5m5m43ljrdzhdhbgcheww6gja