PlantRNA 2.0 : an updated database dedicated to tRNAs of photosynthetic eukaryotes [article]

Valerie Cognat, Gael Pawlak, David Pflieger, Laurence Drouard
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
PlantRNA ( is a comprehensive database of transfer RNA (tRNA) gene sequences retrieved from fully annotated nuclear, plastidial and mitochondrial genomes of photosynthetic organisms. In the first release (PlantRNA 1.0), tRNA genes from 11 organisms were annotated. In this second version, the annotation was implemented to 48 photosynthetic species covering the whole phylogenetic tree of photosynthetic organisms, from the most basal group of Archeplastida, the
more » ... hyte Cyanophora paradoxa, to various land plants. Transfer RNA genes from lower photosynthetic organisms such as streptophyte algae or lycophytes as well as extremophile photosynthetic species such as Eutrema parvulum were incorporated in the database. As a whole, circa 35 000 tRNA genes were accurately annotated. In the frame of the tRNA genes annotation from the genome of the Rhodophyte Chondrus crispus, putative unconventional splicing sites in the D- or T- regions of tRNA molecules were experimentally determined to strengthen the quality of the database. As for PlantRNA 1.0, comprehensive biological information including flanking sequences, A and B box sequences, region of transcription initiation and poly(T) transcription termination stretches, tRNA intron sequences and tRNA mitochondrial import are included.
doi:10.1101/2021.12.21.473619 fatcat:nratgzyhujfk5pcwe2d6poohp4