Factors affecting the future of Iraq's production of crude oil

م.د.جاسم محمد مصحب
2015 Journal of political sciences  
As the major role of oil sector in financing and development of Iraqi economy this study tried to research on the factors which influencing the future of oil production in Iraq and for that study addressed the hypothesis (the production and export of crude oil in Iraq , influenced by many factors divided into internal and external factors this factors shared the effect varies in the size of their participation and runs from different sectors economic , political and social , in order to test
more » ... in order to test the study hypothesis study addressed the subject of three axes(an overview of the history and facts of crude oil production in Iraq and factors internal Affecting the future of oil production in Iraq and external factors affecting the future of oil production in Iraq). Finally concluded a set of conclusions and intensive recommendations on the study subject. On god we aim.
doi:10.30907/jj.v0i50.122 fatcat:f35s2dsp3jebpg4b3airttwzhm