Effect of Bacterial Cell Wall Components on Callus Growth of Phoenix dactylifera L. cv. Barhee Propagated Through In vitro

Ali H.M. Attaha, Hussien K. Abdul-Sada, Muna A.Y. Al-Mussawii
2017 Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences  
This study was conducted on shoot tip explants of date palm cv. Barhee to investigate effect of bacterial cell wall components on initial callus growth. Three concentrations of bacterial media ( 0.5 and 1.0 and 2.5) v/v were used for growing callus by tissue culture technique . MS media was served as a control treatment. Results showed that all bacterial media treatments increased callus fresh weight and nitrogen concentration of media significantly as compared to that of MS control media.
more » ... control media. Bacterial media treatment of 2.5 (v/v) gave the highest values of callus fresh weight and nitrogen concentration (518 mg and 3.3089%) respectively, whereas MS control media had the lowest values (193 mg and 0.01%) respectively. There was a significant increase in callus fresh weight at 60 days incubation over that of 30 days incubation. The combination of bacterial media treatment at 2.5 (v/v) and incubation period of 60 days recorded the highest significant increase in callus fresh weight (631 mg), whereas the combination of MS control media treatment and incubation period of 30 days had the lowest value (166 mg) in this respect.
doi:10.37077/25200860.2017.5 fatcat:wboro7spjjaypm24trdn4j23hu