Evaluation of Broadleaf Tree Diversity at the Basin Scale—In Case of Artificial Chamaecyparis obtusa Forests

Sayumi Kosaka, Yozo Yamada
2013 Open Journal of Forestry  
In recent years, the various functions required of forests, especially the conservation of biodiversity, have been attracting increasing attention in Japan and worldwide. In Japan, 67% of national land is covered by forest, 41% of which is artificial forest (i.e., plantations). Therefore, forest biodiversity conservation efforts should also target artificial forests. In this paper, we seek to promote sustainable forest management that considers biodiversity conservation by examining indices
more » ... can be used by forest managers to evaluate the diversity of broadleaf trees. The result was that evaluation of broadleaf tree diversity in artificial forests at a basin scale was possible by combining several types of indicators.
doi:10.4236/ojf.2013.32010 fatcat:sozs7ogj4bdyvaclrcgidsjv3y