7 On large eddy simulation of turbulent flow and heat transfer in ribbed ducts [chapter]

Bengt Sundén, Rongguang Jia
2010 Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer  
This chapter presents some work on large eddy simulation (LES) for heat transfer studies. Firstly, the numerical accuracy is validated with the simulation of the fully developed pipe flow with the direct numerical simulation (DNS) data. Secondly, the solver is used to study the heat transfer and fluid flow in rib-roughened ducts, where the ribs could be straight or V-shaped. This is primarily to clarify a contradiction on which pointing direction is the better for V-shaped ribs. Lastly, current status and prospects of LES are presented.
doi:10.2495/978-1-84564-144-3/07 fatcat:nbydsutkobgdbpyd5k52s7vksi