Western Capitalism and Eastern Exoticism: Orientalism in Edward Said's Perspectives

Ronald Maraden Parlindungan Silalahi
2018 Journal of English Language and Culture  
<p>Postmodernism fundamentally supersedes the ideas of modern ages that base their perspective on rationality and objectivity into postmodern thought that aimed at improving awareness of the reality in human life. It is aimed at improving social or cultural conditions or circumstances and to build the forms of awareness about realities that occur in human life in all spheres of life. This conception ultimately awakens Edward Said to a social phenomenon associated with the Western (colonialist)
more » ... tern (colonialist) and Eastern (orientalist). Through his writing entitled Orientalism, Edward Said links Western responses and worldviews (Orient) which are always based on the nature of preconceived and stereotyped. In this paper, the author will firstly reveal the thoughts of postmodernism and then associate them with the concept of Orientalism. At the end of this paper, the authors will conduct case studies on two texts that are considered to reflect the issues of orientalism.</p><p> </p><strong>Keywords:</strong> postmodernism, orientalism, Edward Said
doi:10.30813/jelc.v7i2.1028 fatcat:hlotp6aobjbybp47ca4tmqztue