The nematicidal property of aqueous crude extract of Calotropis procera on tomatoes (Lycoperscium esculentus)

2018 Journal of Biological Control  
The Efficacy of the aqueous crude extract from Calotropis procera Linn. on the growth and production of tomatoes Lycopersicum esculentus Mill. infested by Meloidogyne javanica was investigated. An aqueous crude extract of Calotropis procera Linn. was prepared by soaking 2kg of dried powdered leaf in the ratio of 1:5mg/ml for 24 hours; this was sieved and concentrated with water bath at a controlled temperature of not above 60°C also freeze dried to obtain 487g of the dried crude extract. The
more » ... ude extract. The plant pot of tomatoes infested with Meloidogyne javanica was treated with different concentration of the extracts. Treatment with 50% concentration of the stock solution of C. Procera showed significant growth and yield of tomato. Plant height was 83.3cm whereas in control it was 68.3cm. Significant differences in all other parameters were also obtained. Plant height at final harvest was 89.6cm as compared to control (74.3cm). A positive effect was seen in reducing the number of nematodes both in the soil and in the root. The treatment showed a root gall index of 2.3 which was lowest as compared to control (7.3). Hence at adequate concentration of C. procera extract it is possible to inhibit the nematode attack in tomato.
doi:10.18311/jbc/2018/22745 fatcat:kwr2q6av4fdclpmqc65qbpgdvy