Optimized Coverage and Efficient Load Balancing Algorithm for WSNs-A Survey

P. Gowtham, P. Vivek Karthick
2017 International Journal of Engineering Research and Science  
Major challenge in field of wireless sensor networks (WSN) is to provide full coverage of a sensing field and connectivity of relaying nodes. Many applications-such as object tracking, healthcare, natural environment protection and battlefield intrusion detection -requires the full coverage at any time. Load balancing aims to optimize resource use, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload of any single resource. In this paper we are over viewing techniques which are used
more » ... ues which are used in WSN for load balancing. The maximum cover tree (MCT) difficulty is to construct several connected cover trees and difficult in Nondeterministic Polynomial (NP)-Complete problem, Ant colony based scheduling Algorithm (ACB-SA) can used to solve the efficient coverage problem but it has time delay as drawback, And Temperature aware Algorithms that seek to save energy but the implementation is complex. In order to mitigate limitations above, Novel maximum connected load-balancing cover tree (MCLCT) algorithm is proposed and it is composed by two sub strategies: a coverage-optimizing recursive (COR) heuristic and a probabilistic load-balancing (PLB) method. This Algorithm provides the better coverage and connectivity among others which is presented as a result of this survey. Simulation results show the output in terms of energy efficiency and connectivity maintenance.
doi:10.25125/engineering-journal-ijoer-dec-2016-17 fatcat:nsvdlvqfabaethfuka5bn5uauy