Qual a contribuição da farmacoterapia na cessção tabágica?

H. Luz Rodrigues
2002 Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia  
In the XVI century the Portuguese have contributed to the introduction of tobacco in the world. The tobacco plant came from America and its therapeutic properties were attributed to the leaves by a Spanish physician. The pathogenic effects of tobacco were shown only in the middle of the XX century. Since then many reports have demonstrated the harmful role of tobacco in several diseases, particularly in cardiovascular and pulmonary areas. The still existing relatively good social acceptability
more » ... cial acceptability of tobacco in some countries, namely Portugal, and the associated dependence have limited the fight against smoking. The concerns related to the health and economic costs associated to tobacco consumption leaded to the formulation of several guidelines addressing the treatment of tobacco dependence. Such guide-
doi:10.1016/s0873-2159(15)30760-1 fatcat:rsiyabdfenbcvd4ttxmobmw55i