Monitoring the importance of improving the subsystem of systematic economic analysis and evaluation at enterprises of industry, scientific and industrial unions

2019 Economics. Finances. Law  
One of the reasons that at present in research and production associations and industrial enterprises, according to the degree of implementation, analysis is almost the most backward management function, in our opinion, is still insufficient attention on the part of economic services of these production links to issues of formation of analytical information processing. Having overcome, in principle, the psychological barrier of misunderstanding the advantages of using modern computer technology
more » ... computer technology in production management, the economic services of enterprises in a number of cases have not yet realized that they should be both initiators of the functional development of the management system and direct participants in the new technology for the implementation of management functions, including and analysis function. The use of electronic digital machines in economic analysis is one of the indispensable conditions for achieving its efficiency and complexity. The problem of improving the function of economic analysis is becoming the subject of increasing attention, both from a large number of specialists, and from higher education institutions and various research organizations. The increasing attention to the problem of improving integrated economic analysis is evidenced by the fact that it is the subject of consideration at International, All-Ukrainian, Regional scientific and practical conferences, seminars and is significantly reflected in the recommendations of these forums. At the same time, it should be noted that the methodology of the approach, the breadth of coverage in solving the problem, the focus and depth of development in many cases by different authors are far from the same and not equivalent. Therefore, when conducting an analytical review of scientific publications, in our opinion, it is advisable to evaluate existing developments in a certain order, namely: firstly, works that emphasize the importance and need to improve the function of economic analysis without indicating specific ways to solve this problem; secondly, works examining specific forms of organizing economic analysis in management systems. The latter, in particular, include: works in which the dispersal and implementation of individual analysis tasks are proposed as part of various functional subsystems of the control system; works whose authors consider it possible to combine the tasks of economic analysis with the tasks of other management functions in one of the generally accepted subsystems of the management system; works in which the allocation of analysis tasks to an independent functional subsystem of the control system is justified.
doi:10.37634/efp.2019.11(1).4 fatcat:bxqhlca265afxh3gjpogb6d5m4