Thermodynamic origin of interaction in the cosmological tachyonic field

S D Pathak, M M Verma
2014 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
We propose a model with thermodynamic origin of interaction among the components of tachyonic scalar field in the universe. The components are taken to exist in the state of non-equilibrium initially but undergoing a transition towards the equilibrium state. We show that this transition requires interaction among the components. During such transition phase, the transfer of energy among the components is governed by the second law of thermodynamics with local violation of conservation of energy
more » ... servation of energy for individual components. It is further shown that in our proposed mechanism the interaction itself generates an increase of entropy in an evolving universe, and thus it might indicate a possible solution to the well-known entropy problem.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/481/1/012015 fatcat:qkfe7lrv5rgynpawrnqwn77y4a