Two-wave-plate compensator method for single-point retardation measurements

Carole C. Montarou, Thomas K. Gaylord
2004 Applied Optics  
The two-wave-plate compensator ͑TWC͒ technique is introduced for single-point retardation measurements. The TWC method uses a known wave plate together with a wave plate of unknown retardation and produces a linearly polarized output that allows a null of intensity to be detected. The TWC method is compared both theoretically and experimentally with the existing Brace-Köhler and Sénarmont methods. The resolution of the TWC is shown to be 0.02 nm. TWC enables the measurement of a sample
more » ... f a sample retardation with as little as 0.13% error and thus is more accurate than either the Brace-Köhler or the Sénarmont method.
doi:10.1364/ao.43.006580 pmid:15646778 fatcat:rshblflslzgn3idq2robibbmze