Characteristics of clays in an Oxisol-Spodosol toposequence in Amazonia (Brazil)

S. Bravard, D. Righi
1988 Clay minerals  
The clay fraction of soils from a toposequence developed on a sandy clay Tertiary sediment in the Brazilian Amazonia was studied. Clayey Acrorthox located at the upper part of the sequence have transformed progressively into sandy Tropohumods down the slope. Along the slope important chemical and mineralogical changes linked to modifications in the weathering conditions were observed. In the Acrorthox the hydrolysis process largely prevails and the clay fraction is composed mainly of Fe-rich
more » ... ainly of Fe-rich kaolinite. Fe and Al amorphous compounds become increasingly abundant along the slope. In the Spodosols, hydrolysis and acidocomplexolysis processes have both been effective, and the clay fractions contain not only more gibbsite, but also amorphous materials which are particularly abundant in the Bh horizons.
doi:10.1180/claymin.1988.023.3.05 fatcat:hcntvvqid5bdvigqydrg7gpmqm