Laser Science of a Single Microparticle. Optical Properties of Single Nano Particles of Semiconductors and Their Potentialities for Application to Devices
単一微粒子のレーザー科学 半導体単一微粒子の光物性と微粒子素子を目指して

Tadashi ITOH
1997 The Review of Laser Engineering  
Optical properties of semiconductor nano particles are reviewed, especially on I-VII and II-VI compounds from the view points of fundamental photophysics brought about by quantum size effects on threedimensionally confined excitonic systems and also of new prospective functional photonic materials. Various kinds of size-dependent excitonic properties in nano particles of individual sizesor individual nano particles are found by means of size-selective excitation and microspectroscopic
more » ... nescence measurements. Near-field optical responses in assembled nano particles are also discussed. Theirpotentialities for application to nano opto-electronic devices are briefly mentioned.
doi:10.2184/lsj.25.738 fatcat:ygceacx2b5fz5irx45kcqcn4ji