Kinésèmismes dans le cadre du symbolisme objectif de S. V. Voronine

Ekaterina Quantin-Voronova, Jessica Leyrit
This article addresses the phonosemantic theory of the Soviet linguist St. V. Voronin (1935-2001) referring to the gestural origin of language and postulating the double character of the linguistic sign: both non-arbitrary and arbitrary. In this perspective, phonetic symbolism is presented as the motivated link between the phonemes of a word and the non-acoustic traits of the referent. The basis of the denomination of phono-symbolic words thus depends on the properties of objects that man
more » ... ects that man perceives in any sensory modality except auditory. The article focuses on the detailed classification of one of the two types of phono-symbolic words called kinesemisms and sheds light on the analysis of the phonemotypes recorded by Voronin in these phono-iconic structures.
doi:10.18145/signifiances.v3i1.233 fatcat:upfpjrvaave7jnhou2ai2ypa5e