Study on Through Paths Inside the Air Pressure Pick-Up Head for Non-Contact Gripper
비접촉식 그리퍼 적용을 위한 공기압 파지식 헤드 내부 관통로 고찰

Joon-Hyun Kim
2012 Journal of the korean society of manufacturing technology engineers  
In the semiconductor and display device production processes, the handling of sensitive objects needs new carrying technology. Floating carrying motion is a practical alternative solution for non-contact handling of parts and substrates. This paper presents a study of through paths inside the air pressure pick-up head to generate the floating motion. The air motion by conceptual designed paths inside the head gradually develops positive pressure and vacuum between narrow objects. Positive
more » ... cts. Positive pressure occurs through the head tip before discharging outside of the head. Negative pressure is developed by evacuating the inside head bottom as result of the radial flow connecting the vertical through-holes. The numerical analysis was done to figure out the stable levitation caused by the two acting forces between surfaces. In comparing with the standard case that the levitation gap gets 0.7-0.9 mm, it confirms the suggested head characteristics to show floating capacity in accordance with the head size, number of through-hole, and locations of through-hole in succession of conceptual design for a prototype.
doi:10.7735/ksmte.2012.21.4.563 fatcat:6akkx77ln5atxcjfikeavzc5om