Topology of the causal boundary for standard static spacetimes

José L Flores, Steven G Harris
2007 Classical and quantum gravity  
The topology of the causal boundary for standard static spacetimes--spacetimes time-invariantly conformal to a metric product of the Lorentz line and a Riemannian manifold--is studied in depth. As this is given in terms of a set of real-valued functions on the Riemannian factor, one could use a function-space topology, but physical reasons recommend a chronological topology instead. The function-space topology has a simple product structure, while the chronological topology might not. This
more » ... examines when the chronological topology coincides with the function-space topology and when it has a simple product structure. A class of standard static spacetimes is examined, all of which yield a simple product structure for the causal boundary; the conformal class of these spacetimes includes classical spacetimes such as external Schwarzschild or Reissner-Nordstrom.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/24/5/010 fatcat:m5kyabqg3fay7mzb3uh3ofanta