Crystal Structure and Physicochemical Properties of 2-Diisopropylammonium Ethylammonium Sulfate Dihydrate

Wafa Amamou, Taha Guerfel, Taher Mhiri
2012 Crystal Structure Theory and Applications  
A new organic sulfate (C 8 H 22 N 2 )SO 4 ·2H 2 O denoted DPAES is obtained by interaction of H 2 SO 4 with the organic molecule 2-[Diisopropylamino] ethylamine. We describe its crystallographic and structural features. DPAES is triclinic, Pī, with the lattice parameters a = 6.8841(2)Å, b = 8.4966(2)Å, c = 12.0804(3)Å,  = 81.824(1)˚,  = 88.007(1)˚,  = 78.649(1)˚, V = 685.72(3)Å 3 , and Z = 2. Its atomic arrangement is described as inorganic chains of units and water molecules, these chains
more » ... les, these chains are interconnected by organic groups so as to build layers parallel to the (001) planes. The IR data of DPAES are reported and discussed according to the theoretical group analysis and by comparison with IR results of similar compounds. The coupled TG-DTA thermal study shows the departure of two water molecule, confirming the hydrated character of this compound. 2 4 SO 
doi:10.4236/csta.2012.13008 fatcat:2iyxx5y4kffhxp5rkdljqvzmcy