The Cyberbullying Phenomenon – Contemporary Narrative Form of Aggression in the School

Rusanka Mancheva
2020 Problemi na postmodernostta  
The development of internet networks has undoubtedly increased the awareness of everyone who uses them. How far, however, perceived information delivers only positive experiences depending on its content. Everyone prefers to read for himself or herself or see himself or herself on the internet in priority in a positive light. Internet communication, however, also provides another opportunity - the negative relationships that have arisen from the real communication environment to be transmitted
more » ... to be transmitted into cyberspace. The phenomenon of causing pain, harm, demonstration of hatred and enmity through the capabilities of social internet networks is referred to as cyberbullying. It is a contemporary form sending and receiving information, which, since its distribution, aims to injure, frighten the recipient or embarrass him in front of more people. The article presents the results of a study conducted with students from different schools in Bulgaria. No matter what age or gender the students are, the strongest effect of change occurs in their behavioral responses. Negative experiences make the victims unsure. Students who are victimized by cyberbullying lose their desire to go to school, they even close for their friends, neglect their academic preparation, more at home, watch more TV, avoid the society of their classmates, reduce their internet activity. This closeness and contact limitation enhances their experiences. Girls' victims of cyberbullying are more likely to turn to their parents for help than boys.
doi:10.46324/pmp2001041 fatcat:oqr3ft4vfjgvdhgqarawyzhrsa