The Urgency of Parental Guidance for Youth Education in the Belajar Dari Rumah (BDR) Era

Neneng Yulda Sari, Wisroni Wisroni
2020 Spektrum Jurnal Pendidikan Luar Sekolah (PLS)  
When Indonesia was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, it has had a significant impact on the implementation of learning that was originally face-to-face, turned into distance-learning, or online. The implementation of the "Belajar Dari Rumah (BDR)" policy has consequences for the home as the center of learning activities. In this context, the role of family education, in this case, parents, greatly determines the success of education during "Belajar Dari Rumah", especially the tutoring carried out
more » ... oring carried out by parents. This study tries to elaborate on this phenomenon, especially related to the urgency of tutoring by parents on the education of adolescents in the "Belajar Dari Rumah" era. The method used is library research or (library research), with four steps, namely preparing tools in the form of pencils or pens and notebooks; compile a working bibliography; managing time; and reading and taking research notes. The findings in this study, namely during the implementation of "Belajar Dari Rumah", parents can provide tutoring so that adolescents achieve educational success, such as maintaining and ensuring children to live a clean and healthy life, accompanying children in doing school work, doing joint activities during at home, creating a comfortable environment for children, establishing intense communication with children, playing with children, being role models for children, providing supervision to family members, providing for and fulfilling family needs, guiding and motivating children, providing education, maintaining religious values, doing variety and innovation activities at home.Keywords: Family Education, Parental Guidance, Youth Education, Belajar Dari Rumah (BDR)
doi:10.24036/spektrumpls.v8i3.109565 fatcat:qmr4r5bkzvdehbzz6i3nlo5ide