Personality, Ideology, Intelligence, and Self-Rated Strengths

Adrian Furnham, Gorkan Ahmetoglu
2014 Psychology  
This study looked at the individual difference correlates of self-rated character strengths and virtues. In all, 280 adults completed a short 24-item measure of strengths, a short personality measure of the Big Five traits and a fluid intelligence test. The Cronbach alphas for the six higher order virtues were satisfactory but factor analysis did not confirm the a priori classification yielding five interpretable factors. These factors correlated significantly with personality and intelligence.
more » ... y and intelligence. Intelligence and neuroticism were correlated negatively with all the virtues, while extraversion and conscientiousness were positively correlated with all virtues. Structural equation modeling showed personality and religiousness moderated the effect of intelligence on the virtues. Extraversion and openness were the largest correlates of the virtues. The use of shortened measured in research is discussed.
doi:10.4236/psych.2014.58102 fatcat:jhyua4bd35hthh2ir6zgbmw7l4