Food Security Situations in Developing Countries Economical Comparative Study for medium and a lower income Countries A Model of Gain Crops

Dr. Salim AL-Najafi, Amina AL-Hassoun
The study of food security situation in low and medium income of developing countries singles out "wheat" among grain crops has been of vital importance. The method of comparative economic analysis has been tackled as well as depending on the quantitative method in the estimation of the results with the use of (S.W.R). The paper has concluded that the effect of wheat gap indicator is however affected in both groups by food prices and gross population. In a study of the cross -sectional
more » ... s prices, it has came out with varying quantity and influence flexibility, they were negative in the countries with low income level per capita where it reached the rate of % 0.68, while the rate went over % 7, in the countries with medium income level per capita. As for the population, it has recorded a positive flexibility rate for both groups of countries reaching up to % 0.43 and % 4.6 respectively. The paper also found that the time series are affected by total rate debts of services and goods exports reaching up flexibility in Egypt (%0, 2), and Morocco (% 0, 5), and affected by the storage of wheat reaching to flexibility (% 0,007), and (% 0, 02), respectively. The study recommends that there must be a step to be taken with the aim of amending the economic -decision making specially as concerning the agricultural domain and encouraging ecological investment.
doi:10.33899/tanra.2007.161676 fatcat:4zlemqs2djgl7fci2hxjc4c53a