Electrochemical Study of Penicillin-G as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Fe-19Cr Stainless Steel in Hydrochloric Acid

S B Uakkaz, R Zerdoumi, K Oulmi, D Mellahi, G M Andreadis
2017 Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta  
In the present work, the inhibitory properties and the adsorption mechanism of penicillin G for the corrosion of Fe-19Cr stainless steel in an HCl solution were investigated. Electrochemical methods, the open circuit potential (OCP) and the current potential curves (I-V) were used. The inhibition efficiency of the penicillin G was calculated and found to be up to 60% for hydrochloric acid. The adsorption of this inhibitor was described by Langmuir isotherm, and the negative values of Gibbs
more » ... alues of Gibbs energy indicate the nature of interactions between the inhibitor molecules and the metal surface.
doi:10.4152/pea.201704211 fatcat:mecdc3gr5jd5db7266uzoi3a7a