The Hepatoprotector Effect of Uncaria gambir Roxb Extract in Wistar Rats Induced by Paracetamol

, Suparni, , Musthari, Liza Mutia, Mangoloi Sinurat, Siti Syarifah, Dila Sedana, Dwi Rita Anggraini, Muhammad Ichwan
2020 Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics  
Drug induced liver injury (DILI) is known as the damage of liver cells due to chronic administrations of drug. The chronic administration of paracetamol could be trigger the damage of liver cells.The hepatoprotector agents are still limited worldwide. Gambier(Uncaria gambir Roxb) is an Indonesia'traditional medicine which have many benefits as antioxidant, antiseptic, antidiarrhoea, etc that commonly used in society. Method: The present study was conducted to investigate the hepatoprotector
more » ... hepatoprotector effect ofgambier in wistar rats induced by paracetamol. The wistar rats were divided into seven groups and received the treatment orally for 12 days. Group I (aquadest), II(curcuma,400 mg/kgBW),III (gambier,26 mg/200gr), IV(gambier, 53 mg/200gr), V(gambier,106 mg/200gr),VI(gambier,212 mg/200gr) and VII(gambier,424mg/200gr). Termination, blood and liver organ collection were done after all group induced by paracetamol for two days. Histopatology changes of liver were examined using Hematoxycilline (HE) staining. AST and ALT levels were analyzed. Results: There were significant differentiation of AST levels among the groups, especially between group I and group IV and between group II and group IV. The ALT levels were statistically significant between group II and group V using Mann-Whitney test (p<0,05). In histopatology examination, there were significant differentiation between group I with another group, not only group II but also group III-VII (p<0,05). In the treatment group, group III and IV had been showed the improvement of liver cells damage than group I by using One-way Annova, post hoc Bonferroni (p<0,05). Conclusion: Uncaria gambir Roxb has hepatoprotector activity start at dose 53 mg/200grBWin rats. The hepatoprotector activity was not superior than curcuma. Keywords: hepatoprotector, Uncaria gambir Roxb, AST,ALT,histopatology
doi:10.22270/jddt.v10i6-s.4457 fatcat:nfxwtzwrpbhjzlqzqxtkjvuja4