Using Bio-Adsorbents Elimination Of Methyl Orange Dye From Polluted Waters

Y Rao, N Usha, Rani
International Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management   unpublished
Bio-adsorbents derived from plant materials of Aeschynomene aspera and Ficus religiosa have been probed for their surface sorption abilities towards Methyl Orange Dye using simulated waters. The physicochemical parameters such as pH, time of equilibration and sorbent concentrations are optimized for the maximum removal of the Methyl Orange Dye. The extraction is found to be pH sensitive and the affinity of the sorbents towards the dye is high when the pH is nearly 3. Ashes of the bio-materials
more » ... the bio-materials are more effective in the removal of the dye than raw bio-materials. % of extraction is effected in presence fivefold excess of anions: the interference is of the order: trivalent anion>divalent >monovalent. Co-cations have showed less interference. Themethodologies developed are applied to industrial samples.