A case of monobrachial peromelia in a two years old Holstein cow

2015 Ankara Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi  
Peromelia is a severe congenital malformation of the limbs, including absence of the lower part of the extremity. It is one of the rarely observed malformations in animals. Monobrachial peromelia was observed in a male, 2 years old Holstein cow in the right forelimb. The cow examined gross pathologically before and after slaughter. It was clinically healthy and in good body condition. The proximal limb from the shoulder up to the radius and ulna was developed. Normal scapulae, hypoplasic
more » ... , hypoplasic humerus and rudiments of the proximal segments of the radius and ulna were present. Normal skin was covered the bones. The cow has only one forelimb and a marked angulation was observed at the left front limb. There was no other abnormality diagnosed. In this study, monobrachial peromelia was reported by anatomo-pathological method in a two years old cow. This is the first monobrachial peromelia cow report in Turkey.
doi:10.1501/vetfak_0000002700 fatcat:pwfatnl5s5g6lcr3bmxx4ccyju