Classifying Vistula and Pomeranian sea trout populations using discriminant functions based on selected scale characters

Irena Borzęcka
2010 Archives of Polish Fisheries  
This paper presents the results of studies of the effectiveness of a discriminant function system based on selected scale characters of sea trout populations from the Vistula River and Pomerania. Selected parameters of sea trout scales from comparable groups from the period prior to the mixing of the two populations were compiled and function effectiveness was tested. The reference discriminant functions obtained were used to classify the individuals from the mixed stock into corresponding
more » ... corresponding groups. The best results (89.7% conformity) were obtained by applying the discriminant function to classify Vistula sea trout from the winter spawning run from Pomeranian sea trout. The lowest conformity at 64.6% was noted for the function segregating the sea trout from the two Vistula spawning runs. Discriminant analysis of the scale parameters and body length can be used in selection procedures which are used in the program to restore migratory fish species to Poland. The issue addressed by the current study was whether the differences in biology of Vistula and Pomerania sea trout that are reflected in the characters of the scales, for instance fish age and growth rate (Borzêcka 2001) , are distinct enough to permit using them as parameters for discriminant function analysis to effectively classify sea trout individuals correctly. This would create the possibility of gradually eliminating the alien strain from the mixed Vistula stock by avoiding breeding individuals with
doi:10.2478/v10086-010-0014-z fatcat:v7w2l3p72zha3d3pslaaqugkjy