An investigation of the atmospheric HNO3-NH3-NH4NO3 equilibrium relationship in a cool, humid climate

Roy M. Harrison, Casimiro A. Pio
1983 Tellus: Series B, Chemical and Physical Meteorology  
Simultaneous measurements of gaseous nitric acid and ammonia were made during summer. autumn and winter months in North-West England. Concentrations of HNO, and NH, lav within the ranges 0.03-0.36 ppb and 0.9-5.1 ppb respectively, gaseous HNO, accounting for only about 12% of total nitrate. Under the high humidity conditions prevalent during the work. the concentration data are consistent with the equilibrium of gaseous HNO, and N H , with solution droplets of NH,NO,
doi:10.3402/tellusb.v35i2.14795 fatcat:kml7eyfjxzfjdjrnkxfe5nvqmq