Polyporus baudoni Pat. on Eucalyptus spp. in South Africa

G. C. A. Van der Westhuizen
1973 Bothalia: African Biodiversity & Conservation  
The morphology and anatomy of the fruit-bodies and characteristics in pure culture, of Polyporus baudoni Pat., which is associated with death of species of Eucalyptus and other trees in South Africa, are described. The anatomical characters of these fruit-bodies agree with those of the type specimen, as well as with those of the type specimen of Phaeolus manihotis Heim which is shown to be synonymous. The anatomical characters of the fruit-bodies and the cultural characteristics differ from
more » ... ics differ from those of Polyporus schweinitzii Fr., the type of the genus Phaeolus Pat. The fruit-bodies and cultures display combinations of characters not known to occur in any other species of polypore.
doi:10.4102/abc.v11i1/2.1995 fatcat:6b2d2brbh5b7vcw45zrto6imdi