Freedom of Expression and the Media Reality in Republic of Macedonia

Liljana Siljanovska
2013 Social Sciences  
Tools for mass communication influence on creating and channeling of public opinion for every segment of social life; in era of globalization they erase the borders of events in sphere of information. Freedom of expression is in tight connection with media culture in a country, even there are national law provisions, European and international letters and declarations, which is an expression of democratization of her institutions. Pluralism of interests is in danger if there is a partisanship
more » ... is a partisanship of media, concentration of power from financial oligarchy, selective approach to topics selection and to sources of information and ideologization of media content, especially in countries in transition like Republic of Macedonia is. Then, that influences on decreasing of the awareness of the critical opinion, and media expression can-through reduced, transformed and unilateral approach-to manipulate public opinion. This media reality is pushed to be the ideology of a new collective single-mindedness and is in conflict with the system of values which is the conflict of old and new European values and with no creative approach. Reform of media sphere in Republic of Macedonia in the process of Euro-integration should move towards the democratization of organizational placement, better independency of the editorial policy, elimination of the influence of business oligarchies and political influences, and in the same time standardization of the quality and diversity of media contents.
doi:10.11648/ fatcat:ojj3kpgenngl5fpjqh7a3uu6y4