Articles Note Study of analgesic activity of some novel 1-(9'-Acridinyl)-5-substituted phenyltetrazoles

Helen Kavitha, N Balasub
2002 unpublished
Tetrazole and acridine derivatives are well known biologically active compounds by themselves. This paper deals with the analgesic activity of some novel tetrazole derivatives containing acridine ring. The results of the study indicate that the newly synthesized tetrazole derivatives show fairly good analgesic activity. Tetrazole and its derivatives were found to possess several biolog ical activiti es including antiall erg ic !, anti f un ga l activ it/, an tih ype l1ens ive act ivit/, a
more » ... act ivit/, a nti-inflammatory ac ti vit/, herbicidal acti vit/ , central ne rvous system stimul a nt activit/, photofog inhibitory activit/, etc. The vari ous bi o logical activ iti es of 5-substituted tetrazoles are considered importa nt due to the ir two typical characteristic properties, viz., (i) a close s imil arity is observed between the ac idity of the tetrazole g ro up and the carboxy li c acid group (ii) the te trazo le f unction is metabolically stabler than the acid function. This as pect has been considered a prima ry driving force for the continu al research in the area of tetrazol e chemistry. Moreover acridine and its derivatives have ga ined technical and sc ientific interest ever si nce it was discovered. These compou nd s were repol1ed to be useful in preparing a series of che mothe rapeutic drugs fo r the treatme nt of several di seases including malari a and lambliasi s. A number of misce ll aneous uses have also been repo l1ed rang ing from the field of inhibiti on of corrosion to the field of sy ntheses of enzymes. All these facts have prompted the present investigators to synthes ize some novel tetrazol e derivatives contai ning the biologically active ac rid ine moiety with a view to eval uate the va rious pharmacological ac ti vi ti es of the compo und s. The