Assessing the Impact of reformation in wise Administration of Ruling and constant development : A study of Arab Political

أ.د.ياسين محمد حمد العيثاوي, أ.م.د.احمد عدنان كاظم
2019 Journal of political sciences  
The research has been talked on specific an important notions concerning with the dimensions of effectiveness of good governance and sustainable development inside all Arab states, So that the scientific article reflected the role of investments in various sections of institutional business by draw attention toward different projects about analyzing the whole political reality according to the standard indications of political and social stability on the regional level and international
more » ... ternational aspects. Therefore, the study resembled scientific contains and the dimensions of political reform and administrative overhauling within governmental system in order to achieve all raw objectives for sustainable development. All international and regional organizations especially the United Nations and Arab league even the specialized agencies for United nations had concentrated on the matters of promoting performance the institutional work, according to the analytical - futuristic visions to evaluate the whole of sectors by good governance and sustainable development in political , social, and economic perspectives of Arab states to accomplishment various demands and necessity requirements of political reform for the future of generations within Arab society. Finally , the contemporary strategy of sustainable development has been making certain that the analysis of political reality became as a necessary for stabilizing the social and political indications , which effected thoroughly on the process of political and administrative reforms in order to preserving the future of sustainable development ; then to recreate the good governance according to the credited standards and indications for accomplish beneficial policies in the foreseeable future within Arab states .>ا
doi:10.30907/jj.v0i55.12 fatcat:wexhdchm2zbnnlxcqq6yzenli4