Nonlinear Current Control for Reluctance Actuator with Hysteresis Compensation

Yu-Ping Liu, Kang-Zhi Liu, Xiaofeng Yang
2014 Journal of Control Science and Engineering  
The next-generation fine stage of the wafer scanner needs a suitable actuator to meet the requirements of high speed, high acceleration, and high precision. The voice coil actuator is no longer the best choice because of its large size and the heat dissipation is difficult to solve. The reluctance actuator can provide a big force based on a unique property of small volume and low current, making it a very suitable candidate. But the strong nonlinearity such as the hysteresis between the current
more » ... and force limits the reluctance actuator applications in nanometer positioning. This paper proposes a nonlinear current control configuration with hysteresis compensation using the adaptive multilayer neural network. Simulation results show that the hysteresis compensator is effective in overcoming the hysteresis and is promising in precision control applications.
doi:10.1155/2014/150345 fatcat:zxxydzcmkbc23m66jjn7pjx334