Enhancing Security in Cognitive Radio Multicast Networks Using Interference Power

Rezwana Sultana, Md. Zahurul Islam Sarkar, Md. Selim Hossain
2019 Journal of Computer and Communications  
In this paper, security issue in multiple input multiple output (MIMO) multicasting system has been analyzed in the presence of a group of eavesdroppers in cognitive radio networks (CRNs). Primary base station (PBS) and secondary base station (SBS) communicate with multiple primary and secondary receivers, respectively via a precoding relay having multiple antennas. At first, considering interference the secrecy multicast capacity at the primary receivers (PRs) and the secondary receivers (SRs)
more » ... ary receivers (SRs) has been calculated and investigated the impact of interferences on it. Then, the zero-forcing (ZF) precoding technique at the relay has been employed which enhances the secrecy multicast capacity at the PRs and SRs by zeroing the impact of interference on each other. Secondly, the existing constructive interference energy of the communication medium employing selective precoding (SP) technique at the relay has been used to improve the secrecy multicast capacity of the PRs and SRs. Finally, phase alignment precoding (PAP) technique at the relay has been introduced which uses the destructive part of interference for further increase in the secrecy multicast capacity at the PRs and SRs. It is observed that among the three precoding techniques, the best performance is achieved by using the PAP at the relay in terms of secrecy multicast capacity and secure outage probability analysis. This is due to the fact that PAP technique at the relay not only uses the constructive interference part but also it rotates the destructive interference part in such a way that the resulting interference is always instantaneously constructive. So using these precoding relays interference power can be used to enhance system performance without increasing base station power.
doi:10.4236/jcc.2019.712007 fatcat:vf3vedorqneexpdhcbcwru46si