Lineage reconstruction from clonal correlations

Caleb Weinreb, Allon M. Klein
2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  
A central task in developmental biology is to learn the sequence of fate decisions that leads to each mature cell type in a tissue or organism. Recently, clonal labeling of cells using DNA barcodes has emerged as a powerful approach for identifying cells that share a common ancestry of fate decisions. Here we explore the idea that stochasticity of cell fate choice during tissue development could be harnessed to read out lineage relationships after a single step of clonal barcoding. By
more » ... oding. By considering a generalized multitype branching process, we determine the conditions under which the final distribution of barcodes over observed cell types encodes their bona fide lineage relationships. We then propose a method for inferring the order of fate decisions. Our theory predicts a set of symmetries of barcode covariance that serves as a consistency check for the validity of the method. We show that broken symmetries may be used to detect multiple paths of differentiation to the same cell types. We provide computational tools for general use. When applied to barcoding data in hematopoiesis, these tools reconstruct the classical hematopoietic hierarchy and detect couplings between monocytes and dendritic cells and between erythrocytes and basophils that suggest multiple pathways of differentiation for these lineages.
doi:10.1073/pnas.2000238117 pmid:32632001 fatcat:muvnbcrq45hixguhrg4mle3ik4