Intelligent Control System of an Ecological Engineering Project for Carbon Sequestration in Coastal Mariculture Environments in China

Wei Fan, Canbo Xiao, Peiliang Li, Zhujun Zhang, Tiancheng Lin, Yiwen Pan, Yanan Di, Ying Chen
2020 Sustainability  
As an ecological engineering project, artificial upwelling can enhance seaweed growth in the oligotrophic sea area by lifting bottom water, which is rich in nutrients, to the surface and thereby increase coastal carbon sequestration. Generally, engineering projects producing artificial upwelling occur far away from land and are self-powered using offshore solar energy or wind energy. The key to successfully implementing such engineering projects is to produce artificial upwelling with limited
more » ... ling with limited energy. With this in mind, an intelligent control system is designed for the energy management of the artificial upwelling engineering project that operates at AoShan Bay in Qingdao, China. This engineering project uses artificial upwelling to assist in the cultivation of macroalgae. The intelligent control system can automatically produce upwelling according to the battery condition and guarantee safety during operation. Meanwhile, users can monitor the system in real time with a Cloud platform. The functioning of the system and the effect of upwelling are confirmed by a sea trial. This research provides guidelines and technical support for the future design of intelligent control systems mounted on artificial upwelling engineering projects.
doi:10.3390/su12135227 fatcat:jge3oh3anbavpacexqex22ykry