Oestrous Response and Conception Rate in Malabari Cross-Bred Goats Following Two Different Oestrus Synchronization Protocols

Sneha Surendra Panicker
2015 Journal of Animal Health and Production  
| The comparative efficacy of two oestrus synchronization protocols using Ovsynch and progestagen (TRIU -C ® ) was analysed based on the reproductive performance in Malabari cross bred goats. Early onset of oestrus with higher oestrus response was observed in the progestagen group of animals. However, there was no significant difference between the two protocols, on the duration and intensity of oestrus. When diagnosed by ultrasound sonography, the conception rate following the two protocols
more » ... he two protocols did not find to vary significantly. Even though, the intensity of oestrus did not vary with the protocols, the intensity was higher (P<0.05) in the conceived group of animals than those failed to conceive. This study suggests that the oestrus intensity has a correlation to the conception rate in goats.
doi:10.14737/journal.jahp/2015/ fatcat:xvpjgf2iqfblrhbadxdvausd34