Status and perspectives of fragmentation beams at LNS with CHIMERA detector

G. Cardella, L. Acosta, F. Amorini, L. Auditore, I. Berceanu, M.B. Chatterjiee, E. De Filippo, L. Francalanza, L. Grassi, E. La Guidara, G. Lanzalone, I. Lombardo (+19 others)
2015 EPJ Web of Conferences  
Relatively large yields of various exotic beams produced through in-flight fragmentation are available at LNS. Using the CHIMERA detector, we performed various experiments to study elastic and inelastic scattering, transfer, break-up, and reaction dynamics with targets from proton and deuteron to carbon and heavier. For reactions with relatively light systems we used the kinematical coincidence method to extract high resolution angular distributions of binary reactions from the measured light
more » ... he measured light particle energy spectra. We also used the CsI detectors of CHIMERA to detect gamma rays emitted in the reactions. Some of most recent results are presented together with future perspectives with the coupling of CHIMERA with FARCOS array. / 0001 2015) 201 epjconf EPJ Web of Conferences 00012 5 88, 88 , 2015 -SIF 7KLV LV DQ 2SHQ $FFHVV DUWLFOH GLVWULEXWHG XQGHU WKH WHUPV RI WKH &UHDWLYH &RPPRQV $WWULEXWLRQ /LFHQVH ZKLFK SHUPLWV XQUHVWULFWHG XVH GLVWULEXWLRQ DQG UHSURGXFWLRQ LQ DQ\ PHGLXP SURYLGHG WKH RULJLQDO ZRUN LV SURSHUO\ FLWHG 2 ( Article available at
doi:10.1051/epjconf/20158800012 fatcat:wqur2wynzza3voggwy6qs2c53i