High prevalence of thyroid disorders in relatives of patients with familial papillary thyroid cancer

Graciela Cross, Fabián Pitoia, Horacio Suárez, Marta Kral, Marcos Manavela, Daniel Morando, Javier Herrera, Oscar D Bruno, Hugo Niepomniszcze
2010 Medicina (Buenos Aires)  
In the familial form of papillary thyroid cancer (PTC), two or more members of the same family have to be affected with PTC. Prevalence is around 5% of all PTC. We performed a clinical analysis in 79 relatives of 16 patients of 7 unrelated kindred with the diagnosis of familial papillary thyroid carcinoma (FPTC). The results were compared with a control group. Thyroid palpation and TSH and TPO-Ab assessment was carried out in the relatives without a diagnosed PTC. Additionally, molecular
more » ... y, molecular analysis was performed in the sixteen affected patients. Clinical screening of the 79 family members showed the presence of goiter in 22/79 (29 %). This frequency was much higher than that observed in the control group (8.7%), p < 0.001. Hypothyroidism was found in 4 of the relatives (5%) vs. 2.5% observed in the control group, p < 0.01, and anti-thyroid antibodies (TPO-Ab) were positive in 14% of the relative's group vs. 10 % in the control group, (p = NS). In the molecular analysis, only a protooncogene TRK rearrangement was observed in family # 6. In conclusion, we found a higher incidence of goiter and hypothyroidism in the relatives of patients with FPTC. Nevertheless, TPO-Ab frequency was not different. No molecular abnormalities were indicative of a specific pattern in this subset of patients with FPTC.
pmid:20447896 fatcat:cfekhowvs5dphmxtezxsocck4m