Dynamic Power Management for Portable Hybrid Power-Supply Systems Utilizing Approximate Dynamic Programming

Jooyoung Park, Gyo-Bum Chung, Jungdong Lim, Dongsu Yang
2015 Energies  
Recently, the optimization of power flows in portable hybrid power-supply systems (HPSSs) has become an important issue with the advent of a variety of mobile systems and hybrid energy technologies. In this paper, a control strategy is considered for dynamically managing power flows in portable HPSSs employing batteries and supercapacitors. Our dynamic power management strategy utilizes the concept of approximate dynamic programming (ADP). ADP methods are important tools in the fields of
more » ... he fields of stochastic control and machine learning, and the utilization of these tools for practical engineering problems is now an active and promising research field. We propose an ADP-based procedure based on optimization under constraints including the iterated Bellman inequalities, which can be solved by convex optimization carried out offline, to find the optimal power management rules for portable HPSSs. The effectiveness of the proposed procedure is tested through dynamic simulations for smartphone workload scenarios, and simulation results show that the proposed strategy can successfully cope with uncertain workload demands.
doi:10.3390/en8065053 fatcat:3kr6uoaslfcblabynpnjpd3pfu