5. Quantitative Measurement of Rigidity and Tremor, especially the Latter One

Hajime HANDA, Morio ITO
1964 Neurologia medico-chirurgica  
Adrenaline (ADR), noradrenaline (NOR) and acetylcholine (ACH) were given intramuscularly to the patients with tremor induced by electrical stimulation of putamen, in order to observe effects of the drugs upon the tremor. In cases of ADR injection, the amplitude of the tremor markedly increased and the threshold of stimulus dicreased. The effects of NOR. were almost similar to those of ADR. In cases of ACH, however, the amplitude of tremor decreased and thereshold of stimulus increased. ADR, NOR
more » ... increased. ADR, NOR and ACH were also given to the patients suffering from tremor of various diseases. In cases with tremor at rest, the amplitude of tremor always increased with ADR and decreased with ACH. That is to say, the effects upon the Parkinsonian tremor were almost the same as those upon induced tremor. On the other hand, in cases with tremor at intention, the effects were not always similar to those in Parkinsonian tremor. In our department of surgery, electrical destruction of V.O.P. in the thalamus was performed in cases with tremor as a way of treatment. The autonomic drugs were administered as a preoperative examination. The forms of tremor were thus classified from the drugs effects. Relationships between the effects of drugs on tremor and those of stereotactic surgical treatments were clarified.
doi:10.2176/nmc.6.205b fatcat:k5ujze76b5bqhfe3usjqp7ng2y