Philippa gregory: lawrence e o gênero "perfeitamente correto" Philippa gregory: lawrence e o gênero "perfeitamente correto"

Izabel Brandão
2008 Ilha do Desterro  
Perfectly Correct, a "novel of personal politics, passion, and pigs", by Philippa Gregory (1997), traces the story of a love triangle in which D. H. Lawrence is studied through the lenses of feminism by the main female character, Dr Louise Case. My objective in reading this contemporary novel is to analyse – from a feminist viewpoint – the way the author uses "The Virgin and the Gypsy", a Lawrentian short story studied by Gregory's character, in order to see how the notion of Lawrence's "Dark
more » ... n" collides with the "New Man" in the novel, a notion very much in vogue during the late eighties and early nineties in U.K. From this "collision" Gregory rewrites Lawrence's "Dark Man" by transforming him into a "New Dark Man", apparently more akin to contemporary taste. Perfectly Correct, um "romance sobre política pessoal, paixão e porcos", de Philippa Gregoy (1997), conta a história de um triângulo amoroso no qual D. H. Lawrence é estudado através das lentes do feminismo pela principal personagem feminina, a professora doutora Louise Case.
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