Plasma neurofilament light is associated with white matter damage in Alzheimer's disease [post]

Fardin Nabizadeh, Mohammad Balabandian, Mohammad Reza Rostami, Samuel Berchi Kankam, Fetemeh Ranjbaran, Fetemeh Ranjbaran
2020 unpublished
The most replicated blood biomarker for monitoring Alzheimer's disease is neurofilament light (NFL). Recent evidence revealed that the plasma level of the NFL has a strong predictive value in cognitive decline and is elevated in AD patients. The Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) is understood to reflect white matter disruption, neurodegeneration, and synaptic damage in AD. However, few investigations have been carried out on the association between plasma NFL and white matter microstructure
more » ... crostructure integrity. We have investigated the cross-sectional associations of plasma NFL, CSF total tau, phosphorylated tau, and Amyloid β with white matter microstructural changes as measured by DTI in 92 mild cognitive impairment (MCI) participants. We investigated potential correlations of the DTI values of each region of the MNI atlas, with plasma NFL, separately using a partial correlation model controlled for the effect of age, sex, and APOE ε4 genotype. Our findings revealed a significant correlation between plasma and CSF biomarkers with altered white matter microstructural changes in widespread brain regions. Plasma NFL negatively correlates with FA and the positive correlation with RD, DA, and MD values in different regions. Our findings showed that plasma NFL is associated with white matter changes and AD-related features, including atrophy and hypometabolism. Plasma NFL promises to be an early biomarker of microstructural changes in MCI and MCI progression to AD.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:7rcdsprvfffzrlaplpetra5pjm